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  • What materials are used for seam welding wheels?

    How to choose seam weld wheel material? RWMA class 2 CuCrZr seam welding wheels are usually used to weld steel alloys,galvanized steel. RWMA class 3 (C18000 CuNiSiCr),C17510 CuNiBe seam weld wheel should be used to weld stainless steel. CuCr (RWMA class 2,C18200) seam weld wheels are ideal material to weld hot-rolled steel.

  • Hot air seam sealing machine|hot air welding machine|PVC ...

    Hot air seam sealing machine is used to attach hot melt seam sealing tape on stitches by hot air to make it waterproof,widely used in waterproof garments,like raincoat,jacet,shoes,tent,car cover,protective suit,etc.

  • Resistance Seam Welding Process | What Is Resistance Seam ...

    Jan 04, 2020 · In principle seam welding is similar to spot welding except that it uses disc shaped electrodes. A current impulse is applied through the rollers to the material in contact with them. The heat generated thus rollers to the material in the pressure from the electrodes completes the weld.

  • Seam Welding Machine Market | Scope, Size, Share, Forecast ...

    Seam welding machines are commonly used in the metalworking industry to join metal constantly or along a curve whilst creating a gas-tight seal. The substances that are to be welded together are pushed between two disc-shaped electrodes in the seam welding machine, and the electricity warms up the areas.

  • Pipe Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine - HUAFEI CNC

    Seam welding machine refers to a resistance welding machine in which the weldment is assembled into a lap or butt joint and placed between two roller electrodes. The roller electrode presses the weldment and rotates, continuously or intermittently pulses the power to form a continuous weld.

  • Spot Welding Machine | Butt Welding ... -

    It includes Inverter Resistance Welding Machine in medium and high frequency, Numerical Control Resistance Welding, Laser Welding Equipment, Welding Robot Integrated System, Welding Line in automobile field, and Seam Welding Machine for High-speed Steel Drum, etc…

  • What is Welding? - Definition, and Types | Engineering Choice

    Seam Weld. A weld made by arc seam or resistance seam welding where the welding process is not specified. This term infers resistance seam welding. 8. Spot Weld. A spot weld is a weld made by arc spot or resistance spot welding where the welding process is not specified. This term infers a resistance spot weld. 9. Upset Weld

  • What is seam welding? | Westermans Blog

    Aug 06, 2018 · A. Resistance Seam welding. This is a process that produces a weld at the faying surfaces of two similar metals. The seam may be a butt joint or an overlap joint and is usually an automated process and forms the weld progressively, starting at one end. Resistance seam welding relies on two electrodes, usually made from copper, to apply pressure ...

  • How are seam welding wheels driven?

    There are two types of drives for seam weld wheels. One is driven by the central hub, direct drive. The other is driven by knurled wheels riding on the perimeter of the seam welding wheels, indirect drive. There are pros and cons for both systems. The knurl drive system provides a constant linear wheel speed at all wheel diameters. It can also be used to dress one or both wheels.

  • Resistance Welding Overview - SWANTEC

    Resistance Seam Welding Seam welding is a resistance welding process for joining metal sheets in continuous, often leak tight, seam joints by directly applying opposing forces with electrodes consisting of rotary wheels. The current and the heat generation are localized by the peripheral shapes of the electrode wheels.

  • China Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine of LNG Gas Cylinder ...

    1)Straight seam welding (TIG Welding) Straight seam welding (TIG Welding) is a very important part of the LNG cylinder production line. The welding process introduced by the company can weld stainless steel, carbon steel and other materials,This machine is not only good in processing quality, but also more labor-saving for welders.

  • Seam Welding- Diagram, Working ,Advantages and Disadvantages

    Seam welding is a resistance welding process in which overlapping sheets are joined by local fusion progressively, along a joint, by two rotating the circular electrodes. Fusion takes place because of heat, which is generated, from the resistance to electric current flow through the work parts which are held together under pressure by electrodes.

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Welding

    Apr 30, 2021 · To create the heat necessary to melt various compounds together to create a seam, a welding machine is necessary. The most common types of welders are stick, MIG/flux-cored and TIG. Although you may also find plasma arc, gas tungsten arc, atomic hydrogen and energy beam units, these are typically reserved for highly skilled professionals.

  • What is the best welder for steel?

    AHP AlphaTIG 200DX. This is an accurate welding machine of thinner material. ...

  • Why is seam welding used?

    Seam welding is used for producing leak-proof joints in tanks and boxes generally required for the automobile industry. This process is, however, re­stricted to welding thin materials ranging from 2.5 to 5.0 mm. Also, it is used mainly for welding metals with low hardenability rating, for example, hot- rolled grades of low alloy steels.

  • Welding Seamer and Seam Welder Design Types

    Seam welding process applications for longitudinal seam welding machines explained. Seam welding is the joining of weldment made of similar metal or alloy materials along a continuous cylindrical or longitudinal seam. Seam welding can be done using several welding techniques.

  • Seam Welding Machine Market: Overview,Key Trends, Competitive

    Jul 09, 2021 · The seam welding machine creates a joint weld that is both liquid as well as gas tight, with very little overlap at the junction. In addition to that, the seam welding equipment and procedure are ...

  • What is Seam Welding - Mechanical-Master

    Seam welding is type of resistance welding and the process is similar to spot welding. The important thing in the seam welding is the electrode used in the process. The electrode are wheel shaped. The wheel will be in contact to the materials to be joined.

  • China Automatic Arc TIG MIG Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine ...

    Automatic Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine Feature 1. The welding torch moves up and down pneumatically, the workpiece is fixed and the welding seam is flat. Welding torch travels longitudinally. 2. The workpiece is positioned by pneumatic, aligned, and pressed by pneumatic keys to ensure that the weld position does not deviate. 3.

  • Seam Welding Machine Market | What will be the Future of ...

    Jul 08, 2021 · Seam welding machines are commonly used in the metalworking industry to join metal constantly or along a curve whilst creating a gas-tight seal. The substances that are to be welded together are...

  • Seam Welding - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    Seam welding is the most expanded technique for on-line welding as a continuous process to ensure coil-to-coil assembly at the entry of continuous annealing lines and galvanizing lines. This is a resistance welding technique that requires an overlap of the two extremities of the coils so one can be joined to another.

  • Submerged arc automatic girth seam welding machine for tank ...

    Bygging's submerged arc automatic girth welding (AGW) machine (single side) is used to weld horizontal seams in tanks built TOP-DOWN. This equipment is compatible with and complements Bygging's hydraulic jacking system to erect steel storage tanks (API 650 tanks).

  • Plasma Welding Machine | WALDUN

    WALDUN introduces highly efficient stig high penetration plasma welding machine and automated circular seam tooling for single-sided and double-sided welding through 14 mm. Forming, no beveling required. Industry pain point: thick plate welding is complicated, welding stress is also prone to stray slag and cracks.

  • Seam Welding Machine - Increase ROI & Efficiency

    Seam Welding Machine Constitutes It is composed of a body, work piece positioning mechanism, work piece pressing mechanism, welding torch longitudinal running mechanism, torch lifting and adjusting mechanism, cooling system, welding power source, pneumatic system and electric control system. 1 Body

  • What is a Seam Weld in Welding?

    Jun 18, 2021 · Seam welding is a resistance welding process in which suitably contoured copper electrodes apply pressure to create a region of high resistance between metal sheets. The current passed through this region generates heat due to high electrical resistance. A seam weld is created through fusion.

  • Longitudinal Seam Welding Machines - English

    Longitudinal Seam Welding Machines High quality, productive longitudinal seam welding calls for the utilisation of advanced, superior technology. This enables us to us to protect and expand our market position despite increasingly fierce competition.


    The proposed research paper is to illustrate the execution of the round seam welding machine based on the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) automation. This machine aspires to increase the production rate of the product that requires welding on the circumference. It is an innovation from manual welding to automatic