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  • Lorch T180 TIG welding machine - YouTube

    Lorch T180 is the welder of choice for light to medium TIG welding applications. Small and portable with a high duty cycle, this German-made machine offers e...

  • Lorch Mig welding machines available to order from wasp ...

    Lorch M-Pro 170 Mig Welding machine 230 and 415 volt supply. £946.10 £1,135.32(inc. VAT) £1,182.60 contact us for our best prices. View Product Lorch M-Pro 210 Mig ...

  • Lorch Schweisstechnik Ltd - Lorch UK - Home | Facebook

    Lorch Schweisstechnik Ltd - Lorch UK. January 29 ·. Two Lorch CoBot systems side by side for an existing Lorch customer. Customer has reported as well as enhancing weld quality and repeatability, they are now saving over 1hr 20 mins on the fabrications they have been doing on the systems so far, which had previous been manually welded.

  • Lorch Welding Machines - Welding Engineers NZ

    LORCH T300. LORCH T300. The LORCH T300 is a three phase, high frequency (HF), AC/DC TIG welding inverter for industrial use. Gas cooled or water cooled models are available, add a trolley for extra mobility. Smart technology controls the arc for maximum stability and penetration, and…. In TIG.

  • Global Welding - Lorch Product Page

    Multi-processing. When combined with a separate wire feeder case MF-07, the Lorch MX 350 is an ideal choice as a MIG-MAG welding system for use on the go. Better yet, it is also suitable for TIG, electrode and CEL welding and can be adapted to a wide range of applications. Enhanced performance thanks to MicorBoost.

  • Where does the Lorch welding machine come from?

    LORCH has been manufacturing welding machines for trade and industry across the globe for over 60 years. Every LORCH welding machine is 100% manufactured in German. Hence, all LORCH industrial machines are backed by an exceptional full 3 Year industrial warranty - no matter how many shifts you run!

  • TIG Torch Spares | Welding Supplies Direct

    Key Features. Available in 1.6MM, 2.4MM & 3.2MM diameters. Clear pyrex cup. Wedge collet. Clear vision of your welding arc. Left row of exploded diagram shows setup. Large Diameter Gas Saver Kit - WP17, WP18 & WP26. As low as £67.66 £56.38.

  • LORCH high speed welding S Series EN - YouTube

    Welding Technology - LORCHFor highly challenging applications, where welding precision, workmanship and efficiency is of prime importance, Rapidfix Industria...

  • Weldcraft TIG Torch, Packages, Replacement Parts | Arc-Zone

    TIG torches are hand tools each torch model is designed for specific welding jobs. Air-cooled or (gas-cooled) torches are simple and low cost, when used for long continuous welds, they get hot, and require time to cool down between welds. Air-cooled torches are bigger and bulkier than water-cooled and limited to 200 amps.

  • Weldcraft TIG Torch and Accessories Quick ... - Welding Equipment

    and is designed for heavy-duty welding applications. The gas valve advances its capabilities by providing better control and effortless adjustments for the flow of shielding gas. The Weldcraft A-125 Flex torch delivers optimal control for welding thin-gauge materials, especially in hard-to-reach places. The lightweight body helps

  • Buy Lincoln Welder Parts Online -

    Lincoln Welder Parts, Circuit Boards, Cables, Assemblies & More. When you need new welder parts, is where to find them. We stock thousands of replacement parts for Lincoln welding machines, including Lincoln gas welder parts, MIG parts and TIG parts.

  • Lorch welding equipment and automation - made in Germany.

    Lorch Feed is the automatic wire feed for your TIG welding unit: For highest quality and best results in TIG welding without any spatter! MicorBoost technology, robust build quality, and the vertical up weld and pulse function make the Lorch X-series your ideal partner for demanding welding tasks.

  • Lizard | Programmable Welding Carriage - PROMOTECH

    LIZARD is a portable, programmable welding carriage designed to produce consistently high quality welds (both continous and stitch). Welding patterns and parameters include weld length, distance between welds, reverse fill, crater fill time. Optional oscillation attachment enables production of weave welds. Send an enquiry.

  • Global Welding Supplies - Lorch

    Soldering functionality Lorch's M-Pro 150 CuSi allows you to produce perfect soldering and welding results. Welding currents as low as 15 amperes are sufficient for metal sheets with a thickness of 0.5 mm or more. For further information and best pricing - Please contact your local branch. Brisbane.

  • How does the Lorch handytig 200 work for welding?

    Changeover DC to AC Offering you an effortless way to toggle between DC and AC, the Lorch HandyTIG 200 allows you to remain completely flexible. Pulse and fast pulse up to 2 kHz The standard pulse function with up to 2 kHz that is built into every machine offers you additional benefits when welding thin plates.

  • Used Lorch welding equipment for MIG and TIG process

    Used Lorch Welding Equipment from Westermans. Lorch Schweißtechnik is a name associated with welding equipment since 1958 when they launched the first portal electrode welding machine. In 2003 they produced a pulsed welding machine with digital processor control showing their innovation in the industry. Located in Auerwald, Germany Lorch the ...

  • Lorch T250 AC/DC Tig welder 415 volt three phase from Wasp ...

    Lorch T300 AC/DC Tig welder Basic Plus Panel gas cooled. £ 3,845.00. £ 4,614.00 (inc. VAT) Information. REQUEST QUOTATION. Lorch T 300 AC/DC Tig welder 415v supply Basic plus Panel gas cooled. Supplied ready to weld, with torch , gas regulator and earth lead, Choose Torch and any other options from drop down list below price. Professional Mobile.

  • Is the Lorch T-Pro an AC / DC welder?

    Lorch T-Pro 250 AC/DC Tig welder water cooled. Lorch T-Pro 250 AC/DC Tig welder water cooled. . . Lorch T-Pro 300 AC/DC Tig welder water cooled. Lorch T-Pro 300 AC/DC Tig welder water cooled. .

  • Lorch Automation Solutions WELDING CARRIAGES LORCH TRAC

    LORCH TRAC WHEEL is a portable welding carriage for high-quality, reproducible longitudinal and curved welding seams. The carriage works both for horizontal and vertical welding seams. Typical application areas are long metal structures such as trailer manufacturing and rail vehicles,

  • Online Welding Supply Store - Best Cutting Torch | Surplus ...

    When selling torch welding equipment and supplies, it is best to know the cutting and welding equipment inside and out to deliver good service. ATL Welding Supply does just that with over 14 years of selling welding supplies online and in our store front. Let us help you find the right torch cutting equipment needed to get the job done.

  • Lorch 220 AC DC TIG manual | MIG Welding Forum

    Jan 30, 2019 · This machine couldn’t be simpler .You have your processes bottom left and right which you select with the buttons right next to them ie 2T, 4T, ac , dc, sticks etc. Then at the top you have a nice clear grid illuminated with an led to show what your changing. In ac you just keep scrolling with the arrow key and you’ll get AC frequency and ...

  • Lorch lathes

    Lorch Junior Watchmaker's Lathe Lorch Lathe Restoration. Early Lorch Model A Lathes - circa 1890 to 1920. Lorch Milling Machines. Founded in 1885 - and trading under the names " F.Lorch ", " L.S.& Co." and " Lorch, Schmidt & Co ." - Lorch was a German precision machine-tool company finally driven out of business when, in November 1976, the ...

  • Lorch T-Pro 250 AC/DC Tig welder from Wasp Supplies ltd

    Lorch T Pro 250 Tig welder ControlPro gas cooled Supplied ready to weld, gas cooled torch , gas regulator and earth lead, Choose Torch and any other options from drop down list above Professional Mobile Welding demands like density, appearence, strength or food safe, no matter if in stainless steel or aluminium, TIG welding is the first choice .

  • Lorch Mig, Tig, MMA arc welding machines, Lorch H, S, T, P ...

    Hi Tech Mig Tig Pulsed Mig MMA welding equipment from Top German Manufacturer Lorch Mig, Tig, cold wire feed tig, MMA arc welders, Lorch H, S, T, P series manual and sapron synergic pulsed welding machines

  • Lorch Downloads - all Lorch documents for downloading.

    Apr 06, 2021 · Lorch Feed is the automatic wire feed for your TIG welding unit: For highest quality and best results in TIG welding without any spatter! MicorBoost technology, robust build quality, and the vertical up weld and pulse function make the Lorch X-series your ideal partner for demanding welding tasks.

  • Lorch Tig Welding machines , DC, AC/DC from Wasp supplies Ltd.

    Lorch T250 DC Tig welder Basic Plus Panel water cooled. £2,995.00 £3,594.00(inc. VAT) 413 volt three phase just 16kg. View Product Lorch T250 DC Tig welder ...

  • TIG Torches & Parts - Welding Supplies, Welding Helmets ...

    Miller 200 Amp TIG/Stick Contractor Kit with RCCS-14 301550. Mfg Industrial Price: $1,369.00. Cyberweld Price: $1,076.05. Miller® 301550 TIG/Stick Contractor Kit with RCCS-14 remote fingertip control is a 200 amp, ALL-IN-ONE air-cooled TIG/Stick welding accessory kit for your Miller TIG welder equipped with a 14-pin receptacle.

  • Parker Torchology - Smart Welding Torch Solutions

    Product development of our world class welding solutions is an iterative process, trying something over and over, subsequently changing one small variable at a time. Parker Torchology engineers make a lot of prototypes, quickly getting the feel for things and as a result, uncovering subtle design flaws.

  • Lorch Cobot Welding Package – Simple programming - YouTube

    The Lorch Cobot Welding Package convinces with its simple programming on the operating panel. With its touch display and intuitive user interface, you can ea...

  • The Lorch Product Series

    Lorch MicorMIG sets new standards and makes switching to a modern, infinitely variable welding system as easy and effective as can be. Apart from offering outstanding welding performance on sheet metal and in the area of medium to heavy steel work the system also offers an exceptional price-performance ratio and simply comes across as a better ...

  • Lorch Automation Solutions TURNTABLES LORCH TURN IC

    The welding torch is pneumatically positioned in the welding position with the start signal, then the welding process begins. Once the welding is finished, the torch moves back to the parked position. The integrated control unit with programmable overlapping and start delay enables optimal welding results. Lorch turntables 6

  • Lorch Micor 160 battery powered welder - YouTube

    Lorch micor 160 arc welder, powered by micor power1 battery pack running a 2.5mm E6013 electrode. Its capable of welding 23 electrodes per battery charge. Th...

  • What kind of electrodes does Lorch x 350 use?

    The Lorch X 350 is always the perfect choice when you need to weld with basic, rutile and special electrodes that have a diameter of up to 8 mm or need a tool that can handle vertical down-welding operations with cellulose electrodes (CEL). What is more, ContacTIG allows you to perform TIG welding operations using direct current.