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    gas. E.G. Never use an oxygen gauge for acetylene. From one gas application to another. DO NOT Exchange gauges from one regulator to another. DO NOT Remove the restrictor installed in the gauge connection. The restrictor limits gas flow and aids in limiting temperature rise due to adiabatic compression. DO NOT Use or handle gas regulators ...

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    Our oxygen compressors range in size from 3 hp to 200 hp (3 to 150 Kw), discharge pressures vary from 50 psig to 3000 psig (3 barg to 300 barg). For compression of oxygen, fluorine and other highly reactive gases, PDC Machines performs rigorous cleaning procedures in a clean, dust-free environment. We use fire resistant oil for the hydraulic ...

  • How big is an oxy fuel cutting torch?

    Mechanized oxy-fuel machine torches, which are normally either 10” or 18” in length, are typically rated for cutting up to 12” to 15”. Some specialty machine torches are rated for cutting up to 30” and more. Cutting thick plate does not require high oxygen pressures.

  • Oxygen Concentrator FAQs: Answers to Your Most Asked Questions

    Jan 24, 2020 · When you’re looking at oxygen concentrators online, be sure to take note of the warranty that’s offered by the manufacturer. Most oxygen concentrators have a 3-year warranty, but in certain situations, you’ll have the opportunity to extend it. This is a great option if you want your oxygen machine to last as long as possible.

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    Nov 10, 2017 · For those who use oxygen to help manage their COPD, the tube line can often pose a bit of a problem. If you're not careful with your oxygen line, just walking from room to room can become hazardous. Having an extra-long line can be helpful in the house, but it can also present a few problems.

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    China Oxygen Producing Machine manufacturers - Select 2021 high quality Oxygen Producing Machine products in best price from certified Chinese Hydraulic Machine, Medical Instrument suppliers, wholesalers and factory on

  • Laser cutting with oxygen | Linde Gas

    Laser cutting depends on an assist gas, which may be active or inert. Oxygen is the standard active assist gas used for laser cutting of mild and carbon steels. It is also referred to as the cutting gas. When cutting with oxygen, the material is burned and vapourised after being heated up to ignition temperature by the laser beam.

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    An oxygen concentrator takes in air and removes nitrogen from it, leaving an oxygen-enriched gas for use by people requiring medical oxygen due to low oxygen levels in their blood. Oxygen concentrators provide an economical source of oxygen in industrial processes where they are also known as oxygen gas generators or oxygen generation plants .


    7.3 Cutting Steel 7.4 Piercing Steel 26 ting progresses and make sure that the flow of slag is clear and not blocked. Move the torch in a straight line to keep a straight cut, and move the torch at a uniform speed at which the flame is cutting through the metal. Chalk line guides may be drawn on the cutting surfaces to mark the cut.

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    Oxygen cutting in which powder is injected into the cutting oxygen stream to assist the cutting action. Powder lance. An oxygen lance in which powder is mixed with the oxygen stream. Preheating oxygen. Oxygen used at a suitable pressure in conjunction with fuel gas to raise the ignition temperature of the metal to be cut. Residual welding stress.

  • Choosing Between Plasma Cutting and Oxy-fuel Systems

    Mar 19, 2021 · With oxy-fuel cutting, an oxygen/fuel gas flame preheats the steel to its ignition temperature. A high-powered oxygen jet is then directed at the metal, creating a chemical reaction between the oxygen and the metal to form iron oxide, also known as slag. The high-powered oxygen jet removes the slag from the kerf.

  • Oxygen/Fuel Cutting Guidelines

    Oxyfuel: the process of combining pure oxygen with a combustible fuel gas to produce a flame. Can be used for welding, brazing, cutting, and heating metals. Oxygen & fuel gases are stored under pressure in cylinders and are released as individual gases through valves, regulators, and hoses.

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    2. US $2.26-$5.22. 2200+ sold. 3. US $2.65-$3.20. 1500+ sold. About product and suppliers: 849 oxygen gas cutting products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which gas generation equipment accounts for 2%, gas cylinders accounts for 1%. A wide variety of oxygen gas cutting options are available to you, such as high.

  • How is oxygen used in oxy fuel cutting?

    A. Preheat flames are used to raise the surface or edge of the steel to approximately 1800°F (bright red color). Pure oxygen is then directed toward the heated area in a fine, high pressure stream. As the steel is oxidized and blown away to form a cavity, the preheat and oxygen stream are moved at constant speed to form a continuous cut.

  • How is CBN a product of THC oxidation?

    Vacuum grease often erodes and gets sucked into the short path systems letting in oxygen. Oxidation of THC leads to high CBN concentrations as well as a very dark distillate. Vacuum grease is not food grade.

  • Portable Oxygen Cylinders Training and Safety Guidelines

    Oxygen makes things burn more easily and can even explode. Following these safety guidelines will help reduce potential risks. See the manufacturer website for more information about your equipment. • Post the Oxygen in Use sign that comes in your oxygen kit where visitors can see it. • Keep your oxygen tanks (cylinders) away from

  • How Does The Oxy-Fuel Cutting Process Work? | Park Industries

    The cut oxygen stream is turned on when the metal reaches an orange color which is its kindling temperature (1,600 – 1,800° F). Neutral pre-heat flame with cutting oxygen stream on The high purity oxygen stream causes the steel to rapidly oxidize and this reaction is highly exothermic.

  • Can a machine be used to cut with oxygen?

    Machine cutting with oxygen yields high precision and clean cuts, with high output. Cutting from stencils, special guides, and blueprints, which may be copied on any scale, is done on machines. Several cutters may also be used for simultaneous cutting of several patterns. Oxygen cutting may be automated by using photoelectric devices.

  • Material Selection for Gaseous Oxygen Service

    Material Selection for Gaseous Oxygen Service by William M. Huitt (From a letter dated March 7, 2001 in response to a project’s need to select tubing material for Oxygen service.) In selecting a pipe or tubing material for gaseous oxygen service there are four basic criteria: % oxygen in the gas, pressure, temperature and velocity.

  • Oxygen Cutting | Article about Oxygen Cutting by The Free ...

    Oxygen Cutting. (also gas-torch cutting), a method for cutting metal parts based on the property of metals heated to the ignition temperature of burning in industrial-grade oxygen. Oxygen cutting is performed by preheating the metal to 1200°-1300°C and directing against it a stream of oxygen, which burns through the metal and cuts it apart.

  • Oxygen Cutting - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    In gas cutting a flame of fuel gas such as acetylene burning in oxygen heats the area to be cut; a stream of oxygen is then injected around the flame which actually burns the steel and ejects the oxide as dross. The cutting torch may be hand held or it may be mounted on a mechanised carriage.

  • Oxygen Cutting of Metals: 5 Processes | Metallurgy

    Oxygen lancing is an oxygen cutting process used to cut metals with oxygen supplied through a consumable tube. The oxygen lance is made of a length of small diameter (3-13 mm) black iron pipe. The lance pipe is con­nected with fittings and nipples and a quick-throw oxygen valve switch as shown in Fig. 19.9A.

  • Oxygen vs. Nitrogen Laser Cutting - Which Is Better? | Generon

    Nov 09, 2018 · Laser Cutting: Oxygen vs. Nitrogen. Oxygen performs a very different role in laser cutting. Whereas nitrogen ensures no reaction takes place at the cutting site, oxygen reacts with the metal in an exothermic reaction. That means more heat is produced around the cutting site, speeding up the cutting process. The downside is that oxidation causes ...

  • When Welding, What Color is the Oxygen Hose? | Welding Troop

    Oxygen is blue Air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon are all black Even with these rules, there are still differences. For instance, there are regulations that assign pressure regulators the color black for oxygen, instead.

  • CBN, an oxygen degradation product of THC and how to avoid it

    Oct 29, 2018 · Light and oxygen will definitely increase your CBN content. There more CBN that exists in your sample though, the harder it is to convert THC to CBN. A lot of conversions using only light/heat/oxygen cap out at around 20-30% CBN. Pure CBN will need a proper chemical workup. -Luke

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    Ampoule filling machines can be categorized in three categories called automatic machine, semi automatic machine and manual (hand-operated) machines. Blank ampoules can be purchased from scientific glass supply houses and sealed with a small gas torch. A Schlenk line may be used for sealing under inert atmospheres. There is procedure of purging ...