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    Time for gas cutting manually assuming average cutting progress of 2 m / hour : 30 hours Time for gas cutting by pug cutting machine at ( av ) 3 m / hour : 124 hours Time for cutting by shearing machine at av. 10 m / hour progress : 4 hours Acetelyne gas @ 0.6 cum / hour ( 154 x 0.60 ) : 92 cum

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    CG1 30 cg1-30 gas cutting machine Straight line track guide flame gas cutter oxy-fuel cutting machine. Up to 5 years warranty. US $110.00-$115.00 / Set. 30 Sets (Min ...

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    Safety Checklist For Arc Welding & Gas Cutting. SAFETY CHECKLIST FOR ARC WELDING AND GAS CUTTING. Safety Questionnaire. Before Commencing Welding Or Gas Cutting Activity. 1.1Are you a trained worker for welding and gas cutting. Remark. Yes. No. 1.2 Have you put on the correct personal protective equipment meant for welding.

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    The XPR300 system reduces consumable use, energy and the carbon footprint. 64% less consumable copper material is used per foot of cut. System is 99.5% recyclable and packaging is 100% recyclable. The carbon impact of magnetics is 77% lower than its predecessor. 62% …

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    •in pneumatic tools- the oil and the gas pressure friction can cause a fire or explosion. • in oil pre-heating burners- these burners are set to burn with 21% oxygen to air ratio. • to start internal combustion engines- gasoline is flammable enough with 21% oxygen available.

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    Oxy-fuel cutting is a thermal cutting process that uses oxygen and fuel gas (such as acetylene, propane, MAPP, propylene and natural gas) to cut through materials. The oxyfuel process is the most widely applied industrial thermal cutting process because it can cut thicknesses from 0.5mm to 250mm, the equipment is low cost and can be used ...

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    Jul 23, 2015 · 9. Safety in Gas CuttingSafety in Gas Cutting.. Always turn the gas supply off at the cylinder whenAlways turn the gas supply off at the cylinder when the job is finished.the job is finished. Maintain all equipment and keep in good condition.Maintain all equipment and keep in good condition. Regularly check all connections and equipments ...

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    cut-off machines to assure safe operation of these machines and proper choice of cutting attachments. These safety precautions and warnings apply to the use of all current STIHL Cutquiks. WARNING Use your cut-off machine only for authorized uses. For instance, it is not suitable for cutting wood or wooden objects. Misuse may result in personal

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    Welcome to Toll. We are a 100% employee owned gas and welding distributor headquartered in Plymouth, MN. This means you are working with an owner of the company every time you contact us. As owners, our people are empowered to make decisions and do what they believe is right and best to service your needs. We believe our products, services and ...


    • Gas metal arc welding, commonly called MIG (metal inert gas), creates an arc between a continuous wire filler metal (consumable electrode) and the sheet metal workpieces. Shielding gas protects both the molten metal and the arc from the atmosphere (Figure 1). This process is …

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    Jun 25, 2021 · [PDF] Gas Cutting Machine Market New Innovation, Trending Technology, Top Manufacturers and global Updates 2021-2027. nirav June 25, 2021. 1 .

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    Full details are in the document. RESPIRATORY PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT For information on respirators, see ANSI Z49.1 and Fact Sheet 37. Also see OSHA and NIOSH regulations. SUMMARY Protect all areas of your body from injury during welding or cutting by wearing the proper protective clothing and equipment. Do not weld or cut unless wearing the


    1890s, hydrogen and natural gas were mixed with oxygen for welding, but the oxyacetylene flame achieved significantly higher temperatures. These three welding processes—arc welding, resistance welding, and oxyfuel gas welding—constitute by far the majority of welding operations performed today.

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    Jun 18, 2021 · We will show you how you can afford your own machine with our custom affordability calculator. Main Office: Unit H2C Isando Business Park, 10 Hulley Road, Isando 1600. Office: 011 397 6356. Ludwig Oellermann: +27 (0) 83 463 0999. Email: [email protected]

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    CNC gas cutting machine. Bright.. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #56396612 - gas cutting, H beam. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #90148370 - Man in overall and ...

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    Mar 08, 2017 · Gas cutting welding1. 1. Gas Cutting & Welding Gas Cutting & Welding PPREPARED BY SOUMEN MAKAR RECLAMATION AND DREDGING WORKS BMCT/JNPT-4. 2. ACETYLENE CYLINDERS Maroon in colour. Acetylene gas (C2H2) is dissolved in acetone (liquid) and stored at 250 psi, in a specially designed cylinder. Acetylene cylinders has a volume of 8.5 m3. Maroon in ...

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    Printing machine. General Machinery & Special Vehicles (4 SBUs) Turbocharger. Material handling equipment Engine Agricultural machinery. Machine Tool (2 SBUs) Machine tool. Precision cutting tool etc, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems (4 SBUs) Air-conditioners. Packaged air-conditioners for facilities Refrigeration unit . for trucks and ...

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    2. Maintain the machine periodically. 1.2 Gas cutting safety precautions. Strictly observe the safety rules and precautions to ensure the safety of gas cutting operations. Operators and supervisors MUST keep safety in mind. 1.2.1 Prevention of explosion . 1. Never cut …

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    Before using gas cutting equipment a carefulBefore using gas cutting equipment a careful assessment of risk should be carried out.assessment of risk should be carried out. Permit to work and Job safety analysis.Permit to work and Job safety analysis.

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    For Machine Inquiry: Call Us: +91-9681929247,+91-9339029247Mail Us: [email protected] Thickness6~100mm ( by standard accessories)Cutting Spee...

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    Then open the oxygen valves to the required pressure. After cutting start closing from oxygen and then DA. RIGHT OPERATION Open the DA regulator,the torch valve and light the gas. Then open the oxygen valves to the required pressure. After cutting start closing from oxygen and then DA.

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    control gas cutting machine of fabrication area .there are basically six major task which are involved in gas cutting operation. 1. Plate loading:- In task heavy metallic component or sheets are loaded on the CNC gas cutting machine which have abrasion hazard, person may injured due to falling of

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    ADVERTISEMENTS: After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Process of Gas Cutting 2. Efficiency of Gas-Cutting 3. Equipments 4. Limitations. Process of Gas Cutting: Apart from using hacksaw, power saw, chisels, etc. for metal cutting operation, gas or oxygen cutting is extensively used now-a-days in industry. Oxy-fuel cutting (OFC) is similar to ox […]

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    Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes Supersedes ANSI Z49.1:2005 Prepared by the Accredited Standards Committee Z49, Safety in Welding and Cutting Secretariat American Welding Society Abstract This standard covers all aspects of safety and health in the welding environment, emphasizing oxygen gas and arc


    Oct 20, 2017 · SAFETY IN GAS CUTTING: Keep the cylinder upright and away from hot jobs. Fix the DA and oxygen regulator to the respective cylinders after ensuring free from dirt or grease. Connect the cutting hoses to the regulators with hose clamps. Blue or black hoses for oxygen and red for DA.

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    By product line: Arc Welding Equipment; Cutting Automation; PPE & Accessories; Plasma; Filler Metals; Gas Equipment; Arc Gouging (CAC-A) & Exothermic Cutting

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    Machining CapacityDiameter : 4 Meter x Height 3 Meter x Weight 10 Ton Vertical Turning Leth Also known as VTL Radial Drilling Machine Also known as RDM Horizontal Boring Machine Also know as HBM Plano Miller Also known as PM Plasma Cutting Also known as PC Rolling Machine Also know as RM

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    cut-off machines to assure safe operation of these machines and proper choice of cutting attachments. These safety precautions and warnings apply to the use of all current STIHL Cutquiks. WARNING Use your cut-off machine only for authorized uses. For instance, it is not suitable for cutting wood or wooden objects. Misuse may result in personal

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    Automatic Rebar Cutter Gq 42, Dimension: 1220 X 420 X 710 Mm ₹ 52,000. Get Quote. Automatic Cutting Machine G.q - 40, Capacity: 1 Min/ 32 Round ₹ 55,000. Get Quote. Concrete Electric Groove Cutting Machine, For Industrial, Model... ₹ 18,800. Get Quote. Mild Steel Crankshaft Cutting Machine, For Automotive Industry.

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    View Mobile Number. Call +91-8048759361. Contact Supplier Request a quote. Bosch Professional Chopsaw GCO 220 Cut Off Machine, (2200W), Warranty: 6 Months, Size/dimension: 14". ₹ 8,400 Get Latest Price. Model Name/Number: GCO 220. Brand: Bosch. Standard Accessories: Standard accessories included Bonded abrasive disc x 1pc, Allen key x 1pc.

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    Oxy/fuel gas equipment has many uses - welding, cutting, heating, straightening, and descaling. The equipment is versatile, easy to move and cheap. It is so widely used that sometimes people forget about the dangers. Many people are injured each year by the incorrect or careless use of oxy/fuel gas equipment. Some people die.

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    Jan 28, 2019 · CNC plasma cutters vary widely in size, price, and functionality. The machines are highly accurate and fast cutting through, slicing metals at speeds of up to 500 inches per minute. Plasma cutters require a plasma gas and an assist gas to function, and they vary according to …

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    12.0 Gas Cutting 40 13.0 Oxy-fuel Cutting Procedures 42 13.1 Cutting Attachment Operation 42 13.2 Setting Up 43 13.3 Lighting Up 44 13.4 Closing Down 45 14.0 Oxy-acetylene Cutting Techniques 46 14.1 How it Works 46 15.0 Using the Cutting Assembly 48 16.0 Mild Steel Cutting 49 16.1 Thin Steel 49 16.2 Thick Steel 49

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    The Portable Multipurpose electromagnetic profile machine is one of the essential machine tool in the workshop. Practically all fabrication and metal cutting carry out at the shop floor needs gas cutting for various operation. The Portable Multipurpose electromagnetic profile machine aimed at reducing time required in cutting intricate and

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    Portable Straight line gas cutting machine with Three Torches, GCD3-100. $0.00 USD. Portable Straight line gas cutting machine with Four Torches, GCD4-100. $0.00 USD. Circular Cutting Machine, CG2-200, CG2-600, CG2-1000,CG2-600II. $0.00 USD. Handy Auto Cutting machine, HK-55,HK-55D. $0.00 USD

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    the specified maximum output of the arc welding or cutting unit which it serves. 4. When a single work lead services more than one unit, its safe current carrying capacity should equal or exceed the total specified maximum output capacities of all the units which it services. 5. All electrical equipment (welding machines) and work should be ...

  • Safety in Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes

    It was entitled American War Standard Z49.1, Safety in Electric and Gas Welding, and Cutting Operations. Following the war, the standard was first revised in 1950. Subsequent revisions occurred in 1958, 1967, 1973, and 1983. Each updated the standard in accordance with changing technology and welding practices. The revisions up to and

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    2.3 Gas supply 3 Parts of machine brief introduction 3.1 Machine cable and gas supply hose 3.2 Shift machine construction 3.3 Cutting torch device 3.4 Fluid system 4 Preventive and maintenance of machine 4.1 Machine cleaning 4.2 Machine lubrication 4.3 Machine adjusting 4.4 Cutting nozzle cleaning 5 Oxygen-gas cutting 5.1 Introduction to Oxygen ...

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    Welding, Cutting, and Brazing Checklist for General Industry (A negative answer to any question indicates an area of safety or health concern.) Company name: Physical address of worksite: Supervisor: Date/Time: Inspector: General Industry – CFR 1910 . Installation and Operation of Oxygen-Fuel Gas Systems for Welding and Cutting – 1910.253

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    This risk assessment method is careful examination which helps to find out the all potential hazard concern with work area so one can check whether countermeasures have been taken or not to avoid any unwanted event ergonomical hazard. This analysis includes six step: 1. 2Select job. 2. Brake the job into task. 3. Describe risk. 4.