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    30-day free trial. $59/month after. Using nesting optimization software is no more an expensive affair. Our web-based nesting application not only brings superior performance but also offers affordable pricing that covers all kinds of nesting demands and generates a positive ROI just after few nesting …

  • Sheet Metal CAD/CAM & Nesting Software

    CAD/CAM and nesting software technology through innovative industry research, excellence in product development, and a customer support system second to none. A private corporation headquartered in White House, Tennessee, Striker Systems has shown extraordinary

  • Laser Control Software > Lasermate Software

    Mar 22, 2016 · HI I am thinking of buying a Redsail x700 60watt laser cutter which comes with Lasermate software, so I downloaded the software demo to check that I could import DXF files. Some of my files appear to import fine in the preview screen, but most 95% especially if they are of curved items import with great loss of detail and the wrong shape, (Smooth curves import as a few angular lines) .

  • Premium Software Solutions

    automated manual CAD work typically done before nesting. Fabricating the highly customized parts of the deco line required different material types and thicknesses including stainless steel and brass, with costly satin/mirror finishes. Minimizing skeleton material was vital, and nesting had to be tight while maintaining the highest part quality.

  • Plasma / Oxy Combo CNC – STEELTAILOR LEGEND 3 Plus

    1. Table lenths upto 6000mm Long. 2. With or without Oxy Head. 3. Hypertherm Plasma Sources we suggest PMX105, PMX125 or Maxpro 200 to be fitted. Description. Powerful Plasma Cutting – 2mm ~ 40mm, based on your Plasma Power Source Selection, combined with heavy duty thick oxy cutting –. The New LEGEND 3 Plus – Your first choice in Thick ...

  • Control Nesting Manual - eCabinet Systems

    Jan 17, 2018 · Control Nesting Control Nesting User Manual Last Updated: L.E. 1/17/2018 Version 6.x Introduction Control Nesting is a nesting package integrated into the Thermwood Software. This package allows the user to nest various parts into sheet stock, thus creating a user-friendly program.

  • E.J.E. Industries Structural Material Manager Software

    Software for the Steel Industry. Structural Material Manager is a network-ready, Windows-based program that aids steel fabricators in managing material lists. The system: Weighs steel / stainless / aluminum items. Provides a total material cost for the job. Tallies the shop and field labor hours. Supplies bolt counts for each size bolt.

  • What kind of nesting software does SigmaNEST use?

    One Nesting Software that Supports All Fabrication Machines. Powered by the industry’s most advanced CAD/CAM nesting engine, SigmaNEST’s customizable modular features drive nearly every type of profile cutting, routing, or punching machine to produce premium quality parts while saving valuable material and manpower.

  • New 2021 steeltailor DRAGON 2 - 1200MM X 2000MM CNC Plasma ...

    - Additional 2D, 3D, Cam Duct, Lantek and more specific software can be used offline and programs unloaded to this system as long as G coded. - Fast Cam Base Software basic version - additional offline PC drawing program may be required. - Optional - MTC Hypertherm CNC Software With Auto Nesting - Additional Cost.

  • Nestmaster Software Brochure - Hornet Cutting Systems

    Nesting software | 2015 Entry-level nesting NestMaster is a best in class CAD/CAM nesting software for entry-level mechanized cutting. It provides a single solution for conventional plasma or oxyfuel cutting. It is specifically designed to help light industrial fabricators and manufacturers with a ready-to-use solution that quickly

  • Download - SteelTailor,flame/plasma cutting machine ...

    Here are the relevant software commonly used in SteelTailor CNC equipment, such as nesting software, remote control software, web conferencing software, etc. Welcome to download free. Its copyright is owned by the software publisher.

  • Free Nesting Software Downloads

    Astra R-Nesting v.4.2.0 Astra R-Nesting software provides entry and storage of information about orders and materials, automatic and interactive nesting, utilization of rests, printing nesting plans and specifications, estimation of cost of works carried out. Glass Cutting Suite v.4.7.9 Glass Cutting Suite is CAD/CAM nesting software for sheet ...

  • manual -SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machines, CNC ...

    It can cut and blanking metal plates such as carbon steel (flame cutting), stainless steel, copper and aluminum (plasma cutting). 1.3. Starting, Programming and Nesting. The Computer Aided Design or manual drawing of parts can be prepared, nested and directly transformed into required G-code if you set proper programming parameters.


    Our latest version of Columbus software makes it easy to program various cutting processes, as well as marking and labeling processes. Intelligent wizards contribute to intuitive operation so you can perform simple and highly complex cuts, labeling and nesting jobs quickly and easily.

  • ProNest part nesting software - Hypertherm

    ProNest ® CAD/CAM part nesting software for advanced mechanized cutting is designed to supercharge your cutting operation, helping you achieve greater automation, efficiency, and profitability. Brought to you by the cutting experts at Hypertherm, ProNest can optimize performance for plasma, laser, waterjet, and oxyfuel cutting machines.

  • SteelTailor G3 - World Best Seller Gantry CNC Cutting Machine

    Type Steel Tailor G3 Effective Cutting Width 3000mm Effective Cutting Length Rail Length- 3000- upto10500 (8000)Standard ... cutting software can draw plotting function, and easy for operation. Scale Display Function: ... Support manual nesting and auto nesting.

  • Estimating and Project Management Software

    software to the steel industry since 1982. Software products can handle the steel fabricator's estimating, bill of material, production control, inventory-con-trol, purchasing, and material-nesting requirements. Single-user and networked systems are suitable for the smallest to largest structural steel and miscella-neous metals shops.

  • General CNC (Mill / Lathe) Control Software (NC) > NUMCOM ...

    Oct 24, 2017 · Also any documentation of the protocol used would be useful. I can try to build my own software if it is impossible to get original one. -Petri ... Will the SteelTailor Nesting software support a local CAD software ? By Steel Tailor in forum SteelTailor Replies: 0 Last Post: 08-13-2014, ...

  • Steeltailor Manual Plasma Cutters - New & Used Steeltailor ...

    Plasma CNC STEELTAILOR LEGEND B52E - 1500mm x 3000mm Table, Engraver Head, Fastcam Software CNC, 10.3 Screen, With Auto Nesting, T.... $29,850 Ex GST

  • powerII - SteelTailor - PDF Catalogs | Technical ...

    Portable CNC Cutting Machines Friendly 4 PORTABLE CNC CUTTING MACHINE Flame feature optimized Better quality in components Longer service life Standard configuration • Flame/Plasma automatic sensing THC • Free basic nesting software Note: cutting speed should be set according to the parameter recommended by the plasma system.

  • Home - SteelTailor,flame/plasma cutting machine manufacturer

    SteelTailor 20th Anniversary celebration from 2020.06.08-2020.08.31. Special discount, waiting for your coming. SteelTailor is engaged in Cutting and Welding business for nearly 20 years. She is one of the best known CNC cutting machine manufacturers. Our product line includes portable CNC cutting machines, plasam cutting table, laser cutting...

  • Nesting in sheet metal fabrication, then and now

    Oct 08, 2018 · A progressive shop in 1990 had already turned to 2-D CAD, adopted nesting software, and invested in laser cutting. On the surface, shop technology looks similar today. But look closer, and you’ll find that the flow of information was entirely different.

  • Software solutions - Libellula

    Libellula NeXting is the new, advanced nesting system within which key features such as accuracy, innovation and speed meet as never before to create a software capable of improving astonishingly the performance of each cutting machine. Libellula.3D-EDIT. All …

  • Pricing - NestFab

    Ultra-Performance Nesting Pack features include… Unparalleled nesting efficiency (outperforms all other nesting software by a significant margin) Exact part and sheet spacings (including 0 gap) Free Rotation Set “tilt” tolerance for grained materials (e.g. 180 with +/- 3 degrees of tolerance) Best sheet size selection Repeated nest options (Maximum efficiency / Balanced / Repeat Nests) […]

  • Sheet Metal CAD CAM & Nesting Software

    Sheet Metal CAD CAM & Nesting Software/ STRIKER Phone: 1.800.950.7862 Outside the US: +1.615.672.5132 Email: [email protected] Web: S Division of Computer Design, Inc. SS-Nest Feature List The following partial feature list is intended to provide a more thorough look at the capabilities of SS-Nest automatic nesting ...

  • Real Time Bi-Directional Nesting Job Integration - NESTLink

    Jun 22, 2021 · NESTLink pulls new job data automatically from the ERP to automatically create work orders in the nesting software, eliminating manual input processes. NESTLink also writes back to the ERP system after nesting and cutting operations; material and labor consumptions are recorded, guaranteeing increased efficiency and data accuracy.

  • Nesting in sheet metal fabrication, then and now

    Oct 08, 2018 · Nesting Terms. Nest Job: A group of parts designated to be cut together to fulfill production requirement (such as customer order or production period). Nest Layout: The arrangement of parts on a sheet metal blank. Nesting Strategy: How a shop determines what parts will constitute a nest, be it static or dynamic. Which nesting strategy works best depends on a shop’s production goals, …

  • Free Trial - NestFab

    NestFab has a performance to rival all other nesting software and does so at a competitive price. " - Tom Stead, Gurit, United Kingdom " A good investment in software, saving us around a 5 hours per week in labour and also a good saving in reduced material waste. " - Jack Bussey, JBI Corporation, United Kingdom "

  • 1D Nesting Software - GoNest 1D - sheet layout optimizer

    1D Nesting Software - GoNest 1D. GoNest 1D solves so called "1D Nesting problem" - optimizes the distribution of any number of pieces, having mostly different lengths, amongst a number of larger uniform or different stock lengths in order to minimize the material waste or as a version,-associated material cost.

  • NestProfessor---True Shape Nesting Software/Layout Softwar ...

    NestLeader is a nesting software with simple interface, it is easy to use and no need of specific knowledge. Everyone can use it by some clicks in seconds, you can get best layout in second thanks to powerful nesting algorithm we have. All nesting algorithm is in-house developed, it promise us the ability to provide on-time support and quick ...

  • Which is the best nesting software for pipe cutting?

    Pipe Cutting Suite v.3.11 1D nesting software for maximize stock cutting utilization and minimize material waste and ... Cutting Software Solution v.5.2 Astra Nesting Solution is a cutting software package which includes two components; Astra R-Nesting, for rectangular nesting and Astra S-Nesting, for true-shape nesting.

  • FastCAM Software - Steel Profiling Software

    FastCAM® CAD CAM Software for Plasma, Oxy, Laser & Waterjet is a total NC solution for metal shape nesting and cutting; You can Draw, Path, Nest and Cut from the one system. FastCAM® allows people at a shop floor level to start profile cutting with the minimum of training.

  • Structural Steel Nesting Software - Free Download Structural ...

    Structural Steel Nesting Software. Sheet metal nesting software The FieryCut-A nesting software creates nesting of parts from sheet metal (steel), wood, fabric, leather and any other sheet material. The software is integrated in the AutoCAD. SolidStructural is designed as a convenient tool for Steel Detailing, Structural Design and Fabrication.

  • Practice Teaching Assumptions on CNC Cutting by VB ...

    manual semi-automatic cutting to the flame plasma CNC cutting, water knife, laser robot cutting, its technical ... CNC cutting is called steel tailor, so it becomes the key process of metal material processing. However, it is difficult for the enterprise to recruit ... programming ability to use nesting software. Course contents are arranged as ...

  • SteelTailor CNC Cutting Machine Trouble Shooting 01 - oPetrol

    Mar 05, 2010 · This upgrade, will allow you to work big art work or nesting files. It increase the memory size from 8Kb to 26 Kb, allowing you 1024 lines program instead of 540 before. Please note, that the loading time will be 20 seconds and when cutting if you want …

  • How does construsteel work for straight part nesting?

    Straight part nesting for optimization of straight lengths is standard in the Job Preparation solution. For nesting steel plates ConstruSteel integrates with third parties specialized in plate nesting software and metal sheet nesting software.

  • Servo Motors / Drives > SVMON 2.1 SOFTWARE

    Oct 24, 2017 · Machinery Manual, Brochure / Photo Archives. Machinery Manuals / Brochures; Member / Shop Photos; ... Will the SteelTailor Nesting software support a local CAD software ? By Steel Tailor in forum SteelTailor Replies: 0 Last Post: 08-13-2014, 04:20 ...

  • Nesting software: A tool for lean manufacturing

    Mar 11, 2008 · Nesting software can help make your operation leaner. Software advancements have automated many processes. This article discusses the latest software features to consider when selecting the right program for your operation. Among these is the ability to nest a partial sheet or plate and then save the digital remnant or skeleton for later use.

  • Best Metal Fabrication Software - 2021 Reviews & Pricing

    Jun 23, 2021 · The software will also help you eliminate the use of spreadsheets, which are prone to manual errors and waste a ton of employee time. Common Features of Metal Fabrication Software. In this section, we have shortlisted the wide-ranging features of manufacturing systems. These are the most common functionality that small businesses can expect in ...

  • manual -SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machines, CNC plasma ...

    It can cut and blanking metal plates such as carbon steel (flame cutting), stainless steel, copper and aluminum (plasma cutting). 1.3. Starting, Programming and Nesting. The Computer Aided Design or manual drawing of parts can be prepared, nested and directly transformed into required G-code if you set proper programming parameters.