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    ESAB Plasmarc 5 Piece Electrodes 0558005220 90/100 Amp. $22.80 New. ESAB Citting Nozzle 19917 in Factory Bag*. $11.00 New. ESAB .160" Shield for Pt-36 Plasmarc Plasma Torch 0558006141. $99.55 New. ESAB Plasmark 0558012000 Electrode O2 for Pt-36 Plasma Torc 5 PC. $29.99 New. ESAB Swirl Ring Baffle Plasmarc 20463 Pt-31xl.

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    A few people wonder if this is a gas plasma cutter (or rather one that needs a special gas to cut). This question stems from the early days of plasma when Nitrogen was used to cut with a plasma cutter. Thankfully, no, you do not need a special gas to use a PowerPlasma Everlast Plasma cutter thanks to modernized and improved technology.

  • ESAB Gas Cutting Machines Pug NM Without Track, 4320156100

    Cutter adjustment Can be Swivelled to cut levels up to 45° with Rack and Pinion. Fuel Gas Acetylene or LPG can be used by selecting the appropriate nozzles. Two nozzles for use with Acetylene for cutting MS from 6 mm to 75 mm thickness supplied along with the machine. Cutter types and sizes are available as optional extras.

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    Columbus ® CAD/CAM Nesting Software This powerful programming and nesting software is optimized for plasma, oxy-fuel, laser and waterjet cutting. Columbus ® III offers many features to make programming easier and more efficient, improve material utilization, increase productivity, and streamline workflow.

  • - ESAB is where business goes shopping.With over 5 million products from 10,000+ manufacturers, we offer the largest B2B catalog on the internet (to our knowledge).). We cater to the needs of all major verticals, small to large businesses, government, education and healthcare markets, as well as consum

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    The SGX cutting machine provides ESAB quality, precision and leading-edge technology ideal for small fabricators and manufacturers. Rugged, accurate, affordable, automated cutting machine. •Rugged, accurate, affordable, automated cutting machine •Easily produce high quality parts while maximizing material utilization •The SGX may be ...

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    Cutting and tracing speeds range from 4 - 150 ipm. (101.6 - 3810. mm/min), selectable by size of the magnetic. rotor. The speed range required depends on the. application, plate thickness, type of material and process. Rotors are available from 1/8” to 7/8”, in 1/16” increments. The direct-drive motor allows precise speed control.

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    ESAB Victor Technologies 0384-0807 Journeyman 450 Heavy Duty Cutting System, Acetylene Gas Service, SR460-510 Fuel Gas Regulator 4.7 out of 5 stars 40 $498.50 $ 498 . 50 $669.99 $669.99

  • What do you need to know about the ESAB Cutting machines?

    ESAB... The AutoRex system is a fully enclosed thermal cutting system, working with any machine model, and providing increased safety and automation. Fully enclosing a plasma cutting machine improves safety for all shop employees by blocking all dangerous radiation, dramatically...

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    ESAB Dura Hoses are specially designed gas hoses for welding and oxy-fuel gas cutting with gas specific colour coding. The hoses are designed with a core of Black Synthetic Elastomer, Re-inforcement of High Tensile Polyester Yarn and Cover of Hiper...

  • What should I replace my ESAB plasma cutter with?

    Our ESAB replacement parts include switches, electrodes, nozzles and a host of other necessities to keep your operation working at peak performance and efficiency. You will find ESAB plasma cutter tips and a variety of plasma spare parts kits that will keep you cutting.

  • Wear part and spare part catalog - Bali Makina

    CNC cutting machines, portables and as well with manual cutting torches. Performance and economy of the cut-ting process is highly influenced by operation the right cutting torches and cutting nozzles. Furthermore gas supply systems and the properties of fuel gases take a major part to influence the cutting process. This catalogue gives a ...

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    1 Pages. Fabricator 3 in 1 Multi-process welding systems. 12 Pages. 2019 Product Catalog - North America. 228 Pages. Esab. 2 Pages. Stick/TIG.

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    Laser Cutting Consumables (252) MIG Welders (45) Machine & Fixture Repair Parts (3,846) Machine, Gun & Fixture Accessories (94) Multi Operator Welders (1) Multi-Process Welders (44) Plasma Cutters (71) Plasma Machine & Hand Torch Accessories (12)

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    Plasma Cutter and Cable Covers: Whether you work in a shop or out in the field, a cover is a great way to protect your investment from the dust and debris that inevitably finds its way onto (and into) your plasma cutter. Besides providing good protection against scuffs and scrapes, most have a built-in pocket for storing your torch and cable.

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    Description The ESAB 26V Torch is designed for use with ESAB TIG and Multiprocess Welding Machines Included with Product 26V TIG Torch with gas va... View full details. Original price $225.77 USD. Current price $218.81 USD.

  • ESAB Plasma Cutter and Welder Parts and Accessories

    ESAB Plasma Cutter and Welder Parts and Accessories. As the world’s largest supplier of welding and plasma cutting equipment, ESAB has legions of professionals and hobbyists who depend on its products for great results. If you use ESAB equipment, Weldingmart carries a big collection of ESAB plasma cutter and welder parts.

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    Let ESAB be the solution for your cutting, heating, and gas welding equipment.

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    Call ESAB at 1.800.ESAB.123 to find out more. Arc Welding Processes Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW, TIG) Introduced by ESAB, the GTAW process produces welding heat from an arc between a non-consumable tungsten electrode and the workpiece. An inert gas, usually Argon, shields the arc and the workpiece. Welding consumables, if used, are added ...

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    The SGX cutting machine provides ESAB quality, precision and leading-edge technology ideal for small fabricators and manufacturers. Rugged, accurate, affordable, automated cutting machine. •Rugged, accurate, affordable, automated cutting machine •Easily produce high quality parts while maximizing material utilization •The SGX may be ...

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    for straight-line cutting applications. Widely used in a small. metal fabricating operation, shipyards, and steel mills, the. Ultra-Line can be adapted to many special applications. with a wide variety of accessory equipment. The Ultra-Line’s one-piece aluminum housing measures. 16”. long (406 mm), 7-1/4” wide (184 mm) and 5-3/4” high.

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    ESAB. ESAB is a world leader in the production of Welding and Cutting equipment and consumables. Our innovative, world-renowned equipment and solutions are developed with input from our customers and built with the expertise and heritage of a global manufacturing leader. The ESAB brand is synonymous with world leading expertise in the following ...

  • Where can I buy replacement parts for my ESAB?

    Ordering ESAB parts online at is fast, economical and secure. Just like ESAB, we boast a global approach and can ship your parts and accessories practically anywhere. Our ESAB replacement parts include switches, electrodes, nozzles and a host of other necessities to keep your operation working at peak performance and efficiency.

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    Esab. For more than 100 years, ESAB Welding Equipment & Supplies has been powered by the will to continuously seek new and improved ways of serving their customers. From multi-process welders to cutting tips, ESAB provides high quality welding products for virtually every welding and cutting process or application.

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    VCM 200/201 Cutting Machines The versatile VCM 200/201 kits have a tractor machine that can be used on its own track for straight line cutting and a variety of welding operations. Off track and with a radius rod assembly, the VCM 200 can also...

  • Close-Out ESAB Warrior - Plasma Cutting Machines

    Specials on Plasma Cutting Equipment. Our specials often include combo kits featuring plasma cutting equipment and welding supplies in one convenient, cost-effective purchase--like Victor Performer Torch kits with gas regulators and safety goggles, for instance.

  • CNC Cutting - ESAB

    VISION ® T5 Every feature of the Vision T5 CNC is designed to simplify machine operation for the most productive cutting results. An Operating Wizard helps new users get started in minutes with clear, step-by-step instructions and prompts.

  • Why are ESAB nozzles used in cut ting?

    A higher cutting speed enables to re- duce the major costs and makes cut- ting once more efficient. ESAB offers a range in 3 performance classes, which allow an individual so- lution of the cutting task. Only ESAB genuine nozzles assure the demands on cut quality, reliability and mostly safety of the complete cutting system.

  • ESAB Cutting Equipment - Gas and Plasma Bought and Sold

    We buy and sell new, used and refurbished cutting equipment from this top European manufacturer. If you are looking for a quality, reliable brand built to last then consider any machines from European ESAB with their headquarters in Sweden. For over 20 years we have been selling used ESAB gas and CNC plasma cutting systems.

  • Plasma equipment solutions from EsAB - Norco Inc

    a high-velocity jet of hot, ionized gas. During plasma arc cutting, a compressed gas and an electric arc are simultaneously passed through a small Orifice, which is typically 0.040 in. (1.0 mm) to 0.125 in. (3.18 mm) in diameter. An electric arc heats the gas to a plasma state at a temperature as high as 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This

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    ESAB pug cutting machine, ESAB Cutting Blowpipe, Cutting Nozzle, Gas Cutting Torch, Lpg Adaptor, Nozzle, PNM Nozzle etc. are all available at Now you do not need to search at various platforms as we at Industrybuying have assorted a large range of products for you.